Issue 64 Jul 2015

Cultural July

A series of reading activities are launched starting in July 2015, which will be held all over Hong Kong, Kowloon and outlying islands. This year, HKTDC included HAC in the activity map, joyful summer reading, Cultural July Programme.


Story Buddy Experience Day

How to tell a story vividly? How can I communicate with children via stories? Do I need to prepare activities after telling a story? A group of trained parents are ready to answer all your questions and to share their storytelling techniques. Come and join us this summer!



Learning Privacy via Storytelling
On 24 June 2015, volunteers from Deacons came to Diana Wilson Boyd Centre to tell and act out a story called "Jessica Fish”.With volunteers teaching the children on how to respect and protect the privacy and data of their family and oneself, the whole experience enhances the children’s understanding on the concept of privacy. 



Three hundred strong audience applauds for
"The Odyssey Theatre"

Forty-five children from grass root families were trained by professional drama tutors for four months. On 4 July 2015, they stood on stage for the first time to perform in front of a three hundred strong audience. These children overcame their own constraints and tried their best to act out the characters in the stories, and to move forward into an unknown and adventurous future.



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