Issue 40 July 2013 


“When the Emperor meets the Little Match Seller”

On 3 and 4 July 2013, the Fairy Train drove to CCC Kei Chun Kindergarten and shared the classical stories of Hans Christian Andersen with 120 children. The stories of the little match seller and the emperor’s new clothes were combined and newly written by staff of HAC. In the story, the emperor lost all his beautiful clothes and the little match sellers, together with the children helped him to create a new cloth in the end.

Inspiration via Picture Books

Hans Andersen Club (HAC) launched the ‘Reading. Action. Figure. Club’ project in the past two years. It linked up local and mainland universities’ exchange students with local primary and secondary school students. These students participated in diverse story adventurous activities that fostered cultural exchange.  Some university students made use of the storytelling techniques they acquired in the project and further served children living in remote area of mainland China.

‘Lamma. Love. Fairytale.’ Wall Painting Day

Hans Andersen Club (HAC) Lamma Centre cooperated with Aedas and Society of Boys’ Centres Chak Yan Centre School to co-organise the ‘Lamma, Love, Fairytale’ Wall Painting Day on 29 June 2013. About ninety volunteers spent a splendid and meaningful day on Lamma. All participants got the chance to visit Lamma Island and and cooperate with each other on wall embellishment.

Who move my cheese?

A cheese legacy battle happened in Cheese Town! Grandpa Mouse suffered from severe heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. He disclosed the secret of his family treasure just before he died. The mouse siblings kept quarrelling over the division of the cheese legacy. How can the kids solve the dispute with the help of volunteers from law firm Deacons?

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