Issue 22   Jan 2012

Unlimited Protential Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony of “Unlimited Potential” Project was held on 14 January 2012 at Microsoft's headquarters located at Cyberport. With the generous support from Microsoft and the Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged of the Social Welfare Department, HAC was able to launch this project from 2008 to 2011. In the past three years, there were 1800 workshops and volunteer services held and over 10,000 attendances benefited from the project. Participants included physical handicapped, ethnic minorities and inhabitants of the outlying islands.

Kiehl's Collabortates with HAC

Kiehl’s has invited Pucky, an artist and illustrator, to design their 2012 birthday card. Kiehl’s Family Members will receive complimentary birthday gifts when presenting the birthday card in stores and Kiehl’s will make donation on behalf of their esteem members’ purchase to support the works of Hans Andersen Club (HAC) at the same time. Every month, Kiehl’s will also organize parties for members, the registration fee will also go to Hans Andersen Club. HAC will make good use of the donation to provide creative storytelling services to children from grass roots families.

Enquiries: 2838 0168

Reading. Action. Figure. Club - Sharing and Closing Party

The sharing and closing party for phase 1 was held on 17th Dec where all students and volunteers from Kerry Holdings Limited gathered together and review their performance throughout the project. Both the university students and the secondary students found their leadership skill and confidence had improved. They also learnt how to take care of children and gave them guidance. In the party, all students and volunteers performed a mini-drama about Santa Claus, enjoyed a memorable afternoon.

Nutritious Trip at Gourmet

15 children members from Diana Boyd Wilson Centre joined a nutrition tour at Gourmet on 23 Dec 2011. Three dieticians from Watsons and some staff from Gourmet introduced the nutrition labelling scheme to the children. The children listened with patience and sometimes asked questions about the labelling system. They got the chance to select food that was healthy for them. At the same time, they also learnt many different English vocabularies in the process. At last, they got the gifts from Gourmet and enjoyed an educational day in the Christmas season.

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