Issue 95 Feb 2018

Secrets of a Little Rabbit

4 January 2018, 9 volunteers from Deacons visited Storyland and shared with them a story related to the law concept of "Privacy”. Volunteers brought their own guitar and sang song with the kids. Good quality books were given to children to bring home and continue reading with parents, cultivating their interest on reading and sharing.

Rich and Poor Banquet

30 volunteers from Hip Hing – Vibro Volunteer Group brought a special experience to 30 of our children members. They shared a Japanese picture book "When I am having noodle…” and taught the food demand issue around the world. With props and games related to famine, children role played the rich and the poor. After this programme, children got to cherish more what they have in life.

Programming for Robots

W. L. Gore & Associates (HK) Limited fully sponsored 15 children in a robot assembly workshop in December 2017. All children got the chance to do computer programming and make their own robot for the first time. On 29 December volunteers witnessed the fruitful result and the children are thankful to the unforgettable experience the company brought to them.

Development of Patience via Storytelling

Auntie Mei, 64 years old, is a part-time telephone operator. She deals with all kinds of customers and solves problem for them. By the end of 2017, she joined the "Story Wonderland” project and learnt techniques on storytelling. "You need to be very patient with young kids, this training also helps me in my work. The tutor taught us to think further about the story and make props to assist the story plot. We learnt a lot of practical skills in the process.”

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