Issue 89 Aug 2017


Golden age storytellers graduated!

This summer, a group of "young-old” received storytelling trainings by professional staff of HAC. They learnt techniques on practical storytelling and communication with children. In Aug 2017, trained storytellers visited Storyland and shared stories of good conducts with the children. Look! Regardless of age, everyone enjoys the realm of the story kingdom.

"Story Wonderland” project was sponsored by Operation Santa Claus. 160 energetic elderly will be trained as storytellers and continue to spread the seeds of reading in the community.

Lamma Treasure Hunt

Twenty families strolled around Lamma Island and unfolded the "secret” of green/ self-made shops on 5 Aug 2017. At the same time, they explored the history of villages. Having fresh soya milk and pineapple sticks provided in the trip were good ways to "escape” from the hot, sunny weather. The parents shared that children from the city seldom see green environments and insects. They got the chance to experience the cozy environment on the island and talk to the inhabitants. Parents considered this was a very effective way to communicate and have fun with their children.

Lamma Treasure Hunt activities and a creative market will be held again on 4 Nov 2017. It will be open for registration in September 2017. Stay tuned!

Picture books from the Emirates

Summer vacation is here! Staff of the United Arab Emirates Consulate and two local storytellers visited Storyland and shared their stories with our children members. One of the stories was called "Alayah”. Alayah was born with sand in her hair. She lived nearby the seaside of Dubai and played with seashells every day. Time passed and the village she lived in developed as a city. She found herself further and further away from her beautiful shore, but the sand in her hair always reminded her where her home was. Storytellers from Dubai made artworks with the children and shared with them local snacks, it was special taste of life.

Go Green with Kids

Volunteers of Dah Sing Bank collaborated with HAC on "Go green with kids” on 15 July 2017. 70 children from grass roots families participated in a series of eco-friendly activities. These included sharing of green picture books, executing "little tree doctors” tasks along a branches trail, making recycle paper and dried flower artworks, and five senses activities in nature. Together with the volunteers, the children learnt the knowledge of environment protection in relax and joyful atmosphere. At the end, the children and the adults planted 70 plants in the garden to celebrate the 70th birthday of the bank.

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