Issue 86 May 2017

Shining Stars Project

Hans Andersen Club (HAC) was delighted to receive a financial sponsorship from The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club for launching the Shining Stars Project between February and June in 2017. Twenty primary school students who have been diagnosed with Special Education Need (SEN) in February were paired up with ten undergraduate students. Through a one-on-two tutorial interaction, the undergraduate students who were trained as tutors would give personal tuition in right-brain cognition and learning techniques to the primary school participants. After the intensive training course, it is encouraging to note that 75% of the participants have reported positive changes in the process of perception and cognition.

Happy Horse Riding

On 22 April and 29 April 2017, 30 members of Hong Kong Jockey Club brought 30 HAC children members respectively to The Hong Kong Jockey Club Tuen Mun Public Riding School. For many children members, this was their first time to try horseback riding. It was a very unique and exciting moment for them. The Club also helped the children to make instant photos, capturing the precious moments.

Japanese Culture

On 22 April 2017, 18 volunteers from Mitsubishi Electric (Hong Kong) Limited shared a traditional Japanese story "Momotaro” with HAC members. Volunteers made their own props for the story performance. All children members from the Storyland enjoyed the role play. After storytelling time, children and volunteers made and shared Onigiri, a traditional Japanese food. It was a delicious ending for this "wonderful tour” to Japan.

"Lamma Island as a Green Community” Green Fun Day

Environmental Campaign Committee organized "Lamma Island as a Green Community” Green Fun Day on 29 April 2017. Two storytellers of HAC joined the event and share a green picture book with children. Dozens of booths showcase how to recycle and upcycle used materials, hoping to teach participants how to reduce waste in their daily lives.

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