Tai O Centre was established in 1998, serving teenagers and children in the district. With the support of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, Tai O Centre is able to launch The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: Sunshine Community in Tai O, aimed at nurturing the positive development of children and youth, enhancing the family and parenting functions and cultivating a cohesive community.

Project Objective

1. Developing children and youth’s potential, broadening their visions
A reading corner is established in the Tai O centre to promote the reading culture among children members. Elements of storytelling and environment protection will also be included in various services, so that the sustainability of the community can be seen.

The Centre has launched various classes and activities, for examples, artwork classes, computer classes and dancing groups. These groups and activities are aimed at enhancing skills and developing the interest of Tai O service users so as to enhance their self-esteem and broaden their horizons.

2.Supporting the families and consolidating family functions
Parenting workshops for parents were organised, providing platform for them to exchange skills and techniques on child education. Moreover, the centre also organized family activities in order to encourage parents to spend more time with their children on relationship building.

3. Cooperating with local schools, providing services for different children
The Tai O Centre cooperated with different schools to organize leadership training programme, as well as multi-intelligence groups. Services can be provided to more children and youths and support the works of schools.

4. Working with local partners, building a sustainable community
The Tai O Centre cooperated with several NGOs to launch the large-scale event, ‘Tai O Health Scheme’ so as to promote message on leading a healthy life in Tai O and enhanced the self-awareness of health of Tai O residents.

With the generous support form the PCCW Solutions Limited, HAC established the cyber learning centre providing free internet service for inhabitants of Tai O.

Project Development



Train children and youth to be volunteers, serve the people who are in need in the community so as to promote community harmony


Train Tai O youth with programme leading skills, so that children living in urban areas can have a new perspective to understand Tai O.

- Provide academic support to children; enhance family harmony.
- Continue to organise multi-intelligence groups and activities to children and youth. Family and parental services will also be provided.

Opening Hours

















Lunch Time


Office Work


Office Work



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The Centre will be closed on Wednesdays, Sundays and public holiday.
Under inclement weather, the centre will be closed without advance notice.



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