Subvented by Social Welfare Department, Diana Boyd Wilson Centre was founded in 1985 and served the local community in Wong Tai Sin District. From the beginning, we have adopted the following two key strategies as our working blueprint: (1) to be children orientated and (2) to respond to the needs of the community. We continue to base our work on these two approaches to provide comprehensive service to our members, including children, teenagers, and their families.



1. To help children attain well-balanced moral, academic, physical, social, and aesthetic development;
2. To offer mothers and fathers support and information that will empower them to fulfill their parenting roles;
3. To encourage children, youths, and their families to care for the community and participate in community activities.

Service Targets

We work with children and teenagers aged from 6-14 and their parents or guardians.


Service Highlights - Children Orientated

We would like to pursue our objective of helping the next generation to grow up happily. Therefore, we provide the following programs to cater to the developmental needs of our children, such as academic assistance, developmental groups, and educational workshops as well as personal counseling to guide and foster suitable and comprehensive development. As such, we can enable them to develop and thus lead happy and enriched lives.

1. Reading and Toys Corners
There is a reading corner in the centre encouraging children members to read extra-circular books to broaden their horizon. Regularly, the centre also provides services related to storytelling to promote the reading culture among families.

A toys room is also built in the centre, trained social workers will help children with emotion problems via means like toys and games.

2. Personal and Group Counseling
We provide professional personal and group counseling to those children and families in need by the registered social worker. Referral services are also provided.

3. Developmental Groups
We organize and design different kinds of developmental groups, such as EQ, multi purpose intelligence, and personal relationship to help children to attain all-round development.

4. Outdoor Activities and Interest Classes
We organize different kinds of outdoor activities and interest classes, such as martial art, taekwondo, piano classes, chinese and modern dances etc, in order to develop children's cultural, sports, musical, and arts performance potential.

5. In-centre Service
In order to provide a safe and comfortable place for children to learn and play, our centre is equipped with the following facilities, for example, table tennis, chess, computers, newspapers, magazines, and reading books.


Service Highlights - Response to the Community

To keep pace with society's changes, we plan for and provide different kinds of innovative services to meet the needs of the community. Using this strategy, we hope the children, teenagers, and their families will receive a variety of meaningful and comprehensive services.


1. After-School Care Program
As many parents belong to the working sector in the region, they are keen to prevent their children from dangers due to lack of sufficient caring. As a consequence, we provide an After-School Care Program. We offer both long-term and short-period sessions in order to fulfill individual needs. Throughout the whole program, we hope to promote all-round development for the children with academic assistance, multi-purpose workshops, such as moral activities and developmental groups.

2. Ad Hoc Response to the Community
We hope to protect each child and family; therefore, we will adjust and modify our service plan according to the specific needs of the community from time to time; in this way, we can propose different kinds of services that may be appropriately associated with events and activities.

3. Family Education and Supportive Services
We organize different kinds of parent workshops, parallel groups, and family trips periodically. And we also provide supportive services for those families in need (for example, long working hours, single parent support and assistance, low income and CSSA).

4. Volunteer Services
In order to build up their concept of serving others and bringing good to society, we have children, teenager, and parent volunteer groups to participate in related services.

5. Uniform Group
We have Grasshopper, Cub Scouts, and Boy Scouts that are involved in activities to train their members to become self-starters and independent individuals. These uniform groups also help their members to acquire leadership and social skills.

6. Civic Education Activities
As members of society and as our future leaders, our children and youths need to build up their awareness of civic education. As good citizens, they need to understand the importance of their duties and responsibilities to their community and all who live in it.


Related Information

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