Hans Andersen Club provides professional storytelling service to the public.  Our partners include staff and parents in corporates, NGOs and schools. We believe that, through tailor made training and consultation, one can fully experience the joy and power of storytelling.

What makes our workshops special?

-          Custom made according to your needs

-          Experienced trainers who listen, plan and share with you

-          You!  Your active participation is needed for all workshops


What do we offer?

1.       Storytelling Workshop for Parents

This is an interactive workshop that leads participants to ENJOY, EXPLORE and ENGAGE in parent-child reading.  We aim at bringing out the fun of storytelling and enhancing parents’ confidence in reading with children.

Workshop content:

-          Storytelling techniques and practical skills

-          Choosing the right book

-          Story books and children’s development

-          Using storytelling as a means of communication


Corporate: Staff with children aged 3 – 12

NGOs: Service users with children aged 3 – 12


2.       Professional Training

Storytelling is the perfect tool for one to connect with children and to stretching their potential.  This workshop is thus designed for children workers and educators who are interested in applying storytelling in their work.  It is an all-rounded workshop with creative games, case sharing, storytelling theory and practicum.

Workshop content:

-          Elements and variations of a story

-          Designing storytelling services

-          Techniques in planning and implementing storytelling services

-          The impact of storytelling on different target groups

-          Stories and personal growth


Schools: Teachers, principals, social workers and other educators

NGOs: Children and family workers, social workers and volunteers




Charges vary according to the number of trainers and service hours.  Please contact our staff for details.


Contact details

Tel: 2338 5588

Email: storyland@hac.org.hk

Fax: 2338 8528

Address: 5/F, Chuk Yuen Estate Community Centre, 11 Chuk Yuen Road, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon.


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