Deacons collaborated with HAC in serving children from grassroots families since 2014. Through dramas, stories and interactive discussions we successfully sowed the fundamentals of law in children's minds. In March 2015, Deacons picked up a Citizenship Award at the Asian Lawyer Asia Legal Awards. The awards recognize the best examples of complex, high-stakes legal work and corporate social responsibility in the region. In June 2016, this project was jointly supported by Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged, benefited more children.

"The ABCs of Law Project” won the first runner-up prize in the Best Corporate Volunteer Service Project Competition 2014-16, which was held by the Sub-committee on Promotion of Corporate Volunteering of Social Welfare Department.


This project help children to learn legal concepts through civic education. The concepts of rights and responsibilities, choice and emotion will all be covered.

The ABCs of Law 2017

Fourth Session: Elmer the Elephant 

On 27 July, 14 volunteers from Deacons performed a drama of "Elmer the Elephant" at Tai O Centre. Through the performance, it conveyed the principles of equality to the children. 


Third Session: Privacy - Jessica Fish

On 28 June, 15 volunteers from Deacons came to Lamma Centre to act out a story called "Jessica Fish" to bring out the concept of respecting one's privacy.  


Second Session: Soci-Game Day in Law

On 9 April 2017, ABCs of Law programme supported 50 children for a day camp related to justice. Teenage volunteers helped to design 10 different tasks for participants. Children needed to tackle problems under different discrimination scenarios. These problem-solving games included a physical disability challenge and racism and bullying on campus.

The game day took place in Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp located in Sai Kung. After a fruitful day, children got first-hand experience of various discrimination scenarios. It provided them with a chance to reflect on the effects of discrimination on underprivileged people.

First Session: Intellectual Property - Who's the King of Dance?

On 8 April, 16 volunteers from Deacons shared a story and leaded children from Chuk Yuen Centre to visit Legislative Council Complex and Deacons office. Through the activities and discussion, helping children to think of the importance of Intellectual Property.  


The ABCs of Law 2016

Fourth Session: Elmer the Elephant 

The last programme for 2016 was held at Diana Boyd Wilson Centre on 29 December. 9 volunteers from Deacons presented the story of Elmer to 35 children. Participants got the chance to reflect on the topics of discrimination and equality.

Third Session: 2C Makes a Wish 

On 28 July 2016, 12 volunteers from Deacons visited Tai O centre. 18 students from kindergarten and primary school learnt the importance of rules and regulations.

Second Session: Elmer the Elephant

On 24 June, a story programme was held at Storyland. 20 young children got the chance to think about and discuss a dilemma Elmer, the patchwork elephant, was facing towards his peer group. 14 volunteers from Deacons performed the drama story. Through this programme participants also learnt about the principles of equality.

This event is part of the "The ABCs of Law” programme, which is organised in collaboration with Deacons and received sponsorship from Partnership for the Disadvantaged in June 2016.


First Session: Field Trip to Law Firm

26 children members from Chuk Yuen Centre visited Deacons located at Central on 19 March 2016 and enjoyed a fruitful and fun day with the firm’s volunteers. One of the highlights of the day was an office tour providing the children an insider look of the workplace of solicitors. Volunteers from Deacons performed a short play titled "The Promise-Keeping Dog which was followed by interactive group discussions guided by the volunteers. Lawyers of the firm also gave a speech reinforcing the importance of keeping promises and introducing to the children the basic idea of "contract” – a form of promise in the adult commercial world. After filling up their bellies, the children were having fund reading books with the volunteers. Afterwards, everyone moved to the Legislative Council for a guided tour, during which both the children and our volunteers learned a lot about the history, functions and the facilities in the building of the Legislative Council. 
The ABCs of Law 2015

Fifth Session: Intellectual Property - Who's the King of Dance?

Nine volunteers from Deacons visited Lamma Island Centre on 31 December 2015 and shared a story related to the concept of Intellectual Property. In the story, the big mouth duck copied the dancing steps of swans hoping to win in a dance competition. Encountering a dilemma in life, how would children members make their choice? The volunteers guided the children via games and discussion, helping children to think for the consequences of their own decisions.


Fourth Session: Competition Law - Animals' Sports Day

Thirteen volunteers from Deacons shared a story related to fair competition with children from Chuk Yuen centre on 27 July 2015. In the story, the wolf team tried to win by making many injustice actions. Luckily, the judge found that out and the wolves lost their trophy to the horse team. Volunteers appreciated that children voiced out their opinion actively in the sharing session. Children also concluded that the meaning and satisfaction will be gone if one cheated in a competition.
Third Session: Privacy - Jessica Fish

On 24 June 2015, volunteers from Deacons came to Diana Wilson Boyd Centre to tell and act out a story called "Jessica Fish”.  With volunteers teaching the children on how to respect and protect the privacy and data of their family and oneself, the whole experience enhances the children’s understanding on the concept of privacy.


Second Session: Field Trip to Law Firm

On 18 April 2015, a group of children from Tai O visited Deacons, to get a close inside look at the environment of a well-established law firm in Hong Kong. The enormous library resources impressed the children most, one needs to be truly erudite before one can become a good lawyer! Volunteers from Deacons presented a drama related to rules in schools and discussed it with children in different groups. In the afternoon, the volunteers accompanied the children and visited the Legislative Council, learning about a different aspect of Hong Kong.


First Session: Discrimination - Elmer the Elephant

On 28 January 2015, six volunteers from Deacons went to Lamma Island Centre. They acted out the story of "Elmer” to explain the concept of discrimination to children. Through discussions, the children got a chance to learn about and comment on the principles of equality. Children were also encouraged to list out their own unique abilities and talents, so they may better appreciate that everyone is different and special in their own way.

Deacons will continue to visit different centres of HAC to share more interesting stories with children. These youth will have a valuable chance to learn about and reflect on the relationship between law and society, families and individuals.


The ABCs of Law 2014

Third Session: Contract -- The Promise-Keeping Dog

Programme held on 30 July 2014 at Lamma Island Centre.


Second Session: Intellectual Property - Who's the King of Dance?

Programme held on 26 June 2014 at Storyland.



First Session: Law and Society - 2C Makes a Wish

A project co-organised with Deacons in 2014, "The ABCs of Law” is a series of workshops for HAC children to learn basic law concepts and their rights and obligations. In doing so, we hope to increase children’s awareness in protecting themselves and respecting others.

The first workshop, "Law and Society”, was held in Chuk Yuen Centre successfully. Deacons’ volunteers performed an interactive story "2C Makes a Wish” to the children and led them to create their ideal school rules. Children were provided with a learning kit especially designed for the workshop to vote on their favourite school rule and discuss on the pros and cons of each rule. It was a valuable opportunity for the children to express their views and understand the relationship between law and society. Deacons’ volunteers also shared their aspirations in studying law and encouraged children, too, to follow their dreams.



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