2017-18 Fairy Volunteer Team Programme

Hans Andersen Club long-standing partnership with NWS Holdings Limited has moved through a new phase, with the creation in the past year of the Fairy Volunteer Team. This brings together the NWS Volunteer Alliance, adolescents and primary school students, and enables them to carry out their own volunteering projects. The programme builds on cooperation between the Group and the club that stretches back to 2008.

The Fairy Volunteer Team helps equip young adults to become future leaders, while motivating younger children to take part in social services. Corporate volunteers can make good use of their volunteering experience and coach their mentees to organise meaningful services.

Mentors were glad to see children of different ages being part of the programme and maturing through it. Some of the mentees have turned from shy little kids to smart leaders who lead activities for around 30 beneficiaries. Teenage participants had surpassed expectations of their maturity. They prepared detailed plans for their services and were serious about their projects.

This year's Fairy Volunteer Team programme ended with a ceremony on 12 May 2018. Participants received a certificate as a memento of their contribution, and as a reminder to continue taking part in community service in future.


2016 Next stop is my dream

A group of children (mentees) from grass roots families were matched up with volunteers (mentors) from NWS Holdings Limited. Through a series of activities related to stories over the years, the mentees grew up with the love and guidance from their mentors.

NWS Holdings Limited arranged visits to the mentors’ companies, so that the children got hands on experience with various workplaces. From these experiences the children created their own drama and performed it on stage at Sheung Wan Civic Centre on 17 August 2016 for the first time. Children performed a great show that night, and the mentors gave their applauses with flower balloons.

Mr. Ko Tin Lung, Artistic Director of Chung Ying Theatre Company (third to the right), Ms. Sheila Tang, General Manager, Corporate Communication, NWS Holdings Ltd (seond to the left), Prof. Alice Chong, Chairperson of HAC (third to the left) and Ms. Wendy Tam, Vice Chairperson of HAC (first to the left) officiated the ceremony  



Bus Depot Visit

"Fairy Mentorship On Stage” project, in collaboration with NWS Holdings, has conducted three sessions of drama trainings from January to March 2016. Tutors introduced drama techniques to children members via games. They also brainstormed to create their own scripts for a drama. 26 children members were invited to visit the bus depot located at Chai Wan. Six mentors working for the bus company shared with the children the many interesting stories they have experienced on their jobs.


Fairy Mentorship On Stage

The partnership between HAC and NWS Holdings has entered its 12th consecutive year. This year, we are going to launch the Fairy Mentorship On Stage. Children participants will visit the workplace of their mentors and based on that experience perform a drama show related to the good conduct of responsible staff. Professional drama tutors will help these children create a show for this purpose.

The opening ceremony of the drama workshop was held on 30 January 2016. 14 volunteers, 37 children and teenagers attended the event. After the drama training, children will perform in different places to share their joy and love to the community.


Storytelling in English

The "Fairy Mentorship – new generation” project sponsored by NWS Holdings Ltd. was launched a year ago. In next year's phase, elements of English storytelling will be added. It is hoped that through training and practice, children’s English communication skills will be improved. In the summer of 2014, the children and mentors will hold a storytelling carnival in the community and spread the seeds of reading culture.

Ah Chek, a child participant, shared that his writing skill has improved after joining the storytelling workshops. He can now formulate a passage in his mind and write it down in a short period of time. Uncle "Octopus”, one of the volunteer mentors, shared he spent much time in these workshops to help and encourage children in storytelling.

2013 Award presentation ceremony

The first phase of Fairy Mentorship – New Generation Project was closed with a gathering on 27 July 2013 at Chuk Yuen Centre in recognition of the the contributions of the NWS Volunteer Alliance and the participating junior members. A story-telling performance and magic show were presented in the event, while mentors and mentees shared their fruitful experience from the programme.

Chiu, a mentee in the project built a strong connection with his mentor Johnny. Early this year, Johnny went to Cambodia for volunteering service, and he kept sending photos and messages to Chiu via mobile phone. It was great exposure for a child who doesn’t have much chance to go out of his own community. Many volunteers become a role model for their mentees as they always share the positive thinking and attitude with mentees.

Ms. Sheila Tang, General Manager, Corporate Communication of NWS Holdings Limited hoped many more generations from this fairy mentorship can be formed to accompany underprivileged children to set their goal in lives.

NWS Holdings Limited ("NWS Holdings” or "the Group”) and Hans Andersen Club have run the "Fairy Mentorship Project” since 2008. Building on past success, this has now been expanded into a three-year "Fairy Mentorship – New Generation Project” under which volunteer mentors from NWS Holdings support two generations of mentees from low-income families. On 14 September 2012, the launch ceremony at NWS Holdings’ corporate office was attended by 15 mentors, 39 mentees and the children’s parents.

Sponsored by NWS Holdings Charities Foundation, the Fairy Mentorship – New Generation Project organizes the Group’s volunteersand the mentees into 14 groups representing three different generations: the mentor, the youth mentee and the children. The mentors act as life coaches to the youth mentees, who in turn mentor the children, supporting and taking care of them throughout the programme. As part of the scheme, NWS Holdings’ volunteers will run a variety of workshops – including magic tricks, balloon modelling and puppet making – with the support of the youth mentees so that the children can pick up new hobbies and the mentees develop leadership skills. All mentors and mentees will also be engaged incommunity services to give back to society.

Patrick Lam (second from left), Tommy Cheung (first from left) and William Doo Jr (first from right), Executive Directors of NWS Holdings, together with May Wong (second from right), Executive Director of Hans Andersen Club

A journey of "Linmagination”

On 24 Aug, Mr. Jeremy Lin, a famous basketball athlete, was invited by NWS Holdings on a sharing forum. Our mentees got the chance to ask him questions on his factors of success.

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