On 24 June 2017, 50 tutors, parents and their children who joined the Shining Stars Project, participated in the award ceremony held in The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club (project sponsor). 90% of the children members showed significant improvement both in academic result and self-confidence. This project also attracted a media interview from Ming Pao daily newspaper and Radio Television Hong Kong. This coverage also resulted in new volunteers joining HAC to help needy children. In the new academic year, the programme will start again to help children from grass roots families. For enquiries, please call telephone no.: 23298056.


Hans Andersen Club (HAC) was delighted to receive a financial sponsorship from The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club for launching the Shining Stars Project between February and June in 2017. Twenty primary school students who have been diagnosed with Special Education Need (SEN) in February were paired up with ten undergraduate students. Through a one-on-two tutorial interaction, the undergraduate students who were trained as tutors would give personal tuition in right-brain cognition and learning techniques to the primary school participants. After the intensive training course, it is encouraging to note that 75% of the participants have reported positive changes in the process of perception and cognition.

Max and Sam (brothers in their primary 3 & primary 5 respectively) who have taken part in the programme both claimed that this programme has enhanced their self-confidence and learning motivation. They received special training three times a week while board games and spelling tools were used in the training sessions. Max and Sam found these cognition exercises interesting and were willing to collaborate with their tutors. The academic results of the students raised 15-30 marks after a succession of training.

May, mother of Max and Sam, was glad that the atmosphere at home has become more harmonious than before as there are fewer conflicts between mother and sons in doing homework. Eileen, the undergraduate tutor, said she could now empathise with the difficulty faced by the SEN children. She also felt rewarded when she witnessed the positive changes in her students.

In September 2017, this programme will open for enrolment by other needy children. It is also hoped that the service can be extended to schools located in low-income districts.

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