Golden age storytelling volunteer

When I was a child, I did not have much chance to listen to stories. Therefore, when I got the chance to learn storytelling, I registered as a volunteer. We learnt the techniques in using our voice in the training workshop. Sometime, in order to attract the attention of children, we also needed to make use of our body language and some creative artworks.

In the process, I made a dozen of friends, we worked together to make paper puppets. Some of these volunteers learnt how to make moon cake with sweet potatoes. I learnt from them, and then made some for my family as well. It was very rewarding.

Children of our generation were shy and seldom express themselves. Nowadays, children are creative and seldom take adults’ orders immediately. As a volunteer, I learnt to adjust my attitude towards children. For instance, some children like to use dark colours for their artworks. I learnt to appreciate that instead of asking them to change for some brighter colours. Every child is unique!

Sharing of So Po Ling, golden age (50+) volunteer

"Story Wonderland” project trained 160 volunteers on storytelling. Volunteers were interviewed by TVB Jade on 30 Sept 2017, 9:10am. Stay tune!


Golden age storytellers graduated!

This summer, a group of "young-old” received storytelling trainings by professional staff of HAC. They learnt techniques on practical storytelling and communication with children. In Aug 2017, trained storytellers visited Storyland and shared stories of good conducts with the children. Look! Regardless of age, everyone enjoys the realm of the story kingdom.

"Story Wonderland” project was sponsored by Operation Santa Claus. 160 energetic elderly will be trained as storytellers and continue to spread the seeds of reading in the community.


HAC is glad to receive a donation from Operation Santa Claus 2016. The funding supports a storytelling programme to train 160 retired "young-old” as storytellers , and to serve children and families in lower-income districts through innovative storytelling events. These events include a paired reading programme and a story gala with nostalgic themes.

No. of beneficiaries: 4,692 attendances

Duration: April 2017- January 2019

Jointly organised by the South China Morning Post and RTHK, Operation Santa Claus is one of the largest charitable donation drives in Hong Kong.


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