Outstanding Partnership Project Award

To recognise successful partnership projects organised between Caring Companies or Organisations and non-profit charitable organisations in meeting community needs by fostering cross-sector partnership.

Certificate of Merit – Outstanding Partnership Project Award 2010/11

On 19th April 2011, "Little Links, Unlimited Dreams” project was honored the Certificate of Merit – Outstanding Partnership Project Award 2010/11presented by Hong Kong Council of Social Service. This project links up corporate volunteers to interact with children via means like storytelling, puppets and collages. Helping children develop their reading ability, creativity and self-confidence.

Fairy Kiddo Project Won
"Outstanding Partnership Project Award 2007/2008"

Seedlings nurtured with knowledge to change destiny

Accentuating a common belief in "knowledge changes destiny", HAC and NWS Holding Limited combined forces and launches a Fairy Kiddo project in 2004. Through a series of reading, writing and stimulating activities, the project aimed at fostering a reading habit in underprivileged children, honing creativity, enhancing language ability and knowledge, and ultimately boosting self-confidence. The project won the "Outstanding partnership Project Award" granted by Hong Kong Council of Social Service for two consecutive years.

Children explore the world through a multitude of perspectives and they are capable of accomplishment in a variety of areas. Ms. May Wong, Executive Director of HAC, said, "Driven by virtue and creativity, plus an inquisitive mind supported by sufficient guidance and inspiration, children create a unique childhood that consequently shapes their adult life." The Fairy Kiddo project was originally conceived as a story-reading workshop through which Fairy Kiddos paired with volunteers of NWS Volunteer Alliance who helped build their vocabulary repertoire and general knowledge, explained Maria Cheung, Corporate Communication Senior Manager of NWS Holdings. "To further exploit Fairy Kiddos' strengths and harness their thinking ability and ingenuity, the charitable due were set to publish a compilation of Fairy Kiddos' creative works, giving these children a greater sense of achievement. These work subsequently compiled into a stage performance "Fairy Villa". Through the drama, they learnt great deal from each other, friendship were therefore enhanced.

Volunteer Lai Chun Tung, who was much admired by the Fairy Kiddos shared, "These young children were rather shy and aloof when we first met. I shared with them my experience in bus driving and my family life. Resilience and love eventually paid dividends and forge a closer relationship between us. Before long, we found ourselves greeting each other with a hug, and that's when they started to call me "Octopus", which has now become my official alias."

Cheung Pak Kin, a 12 years old member of HAC, joined the program for three years. He was grateful to join the various programs including drama performance, as he learnt "team spirit"in the process. He was also elected as "The best Fairy Kiddo"among the group. Later on, members got the chance to visit mentally handicapped people. Kin expressed, "Being able to help people made me feel content, I will definitely continue to serve the community when I see the chance."

30 Fairy Kiddos from HAC have participated in the project, developing both physically and mentally under the guidance of dedicated volunteers. Obvious changes encompass an increase in self-esteem, and a growing interest in reading and creativity. In addition, visits to NWS Holdings' restricted business units such as New World First Bus deport and the nursery in Hong Kong Island Landscape have also proved to be life-enriching experiences.


Tai O Cyber Learning Centre Project Won

"Outstanding Partnership Project Award 2006/2007"

Tai O is located at the southern end of Lantau Island, most residents there were out of reach to computer facilities. Jointly ventured with Hong Kong Computer Society, Microsoft (Hong Kong) Limited and PCCW, we established the Tai O Cyber Learning Centre in October 2005. The Centre provided free computer training classes and free internet access. The volunteers from our corporate partners also gave intensive guidance to the residents. Tai O Cyber Learning Centre was the only place serving the community with free internet access and low cost computer classes. The local youth were trained to be the I.T Ambassadors. They supported the fishermen, senior citizens, new arrivals and parents living on CSSA to use the computer facilities. With the geographical barrier broken through, the Tai O residents have improved their quality of life by learning computer, and are more connected with the outside world. All involved parties found it was a happy collaboration, the volunteers found it was very satisfying as well.

We are posited to serve the community, with the joint support from the business corporate. It is very blessed to see our joint effort is widely and highly regarded, and the Tai O Cyber Learning Centre got the "Outstanding Partnership Project 2006/2007” by Hong Kong Council of Social Service. We sincerely hope that this would enrich the public awareness of Tai O, let people understand the strengths of the local residents there and promote the cross sector cooperation for a better society.

Sharing of program learner
Mrs. Chan, mother of Ka Kai

We do not have a computer at our home. My daughter Ka Kai is studying primary one and needs to use the computer to do her homework. At first, it was a big problem for us. We are grateful that Tai O Centre of HAC started the Cyber Learning Program so that we can make use of the facilities to browse through websites. After attending the computer classes provided by the Centre, I learnt the technique in using the computer. Now I know how to check the learning progress of Ka Kai over the internet. The facilities also enhance the communication between the school and me.


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