Hans Andersen Club (HAC) cherishes the cooperation with different stakeholders in serving our target clients. In the past, we have worked together with many organisations, collaborating on various projects and activities, e.g. activities of volunteering, professional-training, fundraising and donation in kind. We sincerely thank all for their support and encouragement. Their help enables us to put our mission, "Cherish our Children, Cultivate our Community", into practice.
HAC is a member of Hong Kong Council of Social Service, we are also entitled to use the WiseGiving Charity logo. It represents a charity listed on www.wisegiving.org.hk which is accountable and makes information available to the public, so as to enable donors to better understand its work, governance and finances.
As a local charitable organization to be listed on the WiseGiving website, HAC is:

  1. operates in HKSAR and possess a valid registration;
  2. being recognized as tax-exempt charitable institutions under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance;
  3. fulfill and comply to the 5 WiseGiving Charity Accountability Standards; and
  4. willing to disclose and regularly update the agency's accountability information on the WiseGiving website.

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