“The 2019 Rugby World Cup” Japan Exchange Tour

Details of the tour
Date: 23-27 Oct 2019
Venue: Yokoham, Japan
Target: 11-14 years old local children
Quota: 8 children
Enjoy the 2019 Rugby World Cup Semi-final
Experience rugby with players from different countries
Participate in flag rugby tournament
Exchange with students from Japan

Deadline: 21 June 12:00nn
Interview: 30 June or 1 July (will inform participants the arrangement by phone)
We will observe participants’ proactivity, language ability, health condition and attitude towards different culture in the interview

Other important dates

Rugby and Preparation workshops: 17/8, 24/8 or 25/8, 7/9
Pre-trip briefing: October, to be confirmed
Post-trip activities: November, to be confirmed

Fee: HKD $1,500 (For students receiving full and half grant STAS, they will enjoy a 100% and 50% fee exemption respectively. Flight tickets, accommodation, meal, insurance, etc. will be included)
*A HKD $5,000 deposit is required, for students receiving both full and half grant STAS, the amount of deposit is reduced to $2,000, the deposit will be refunded with a 90% participation rate on all scheduled activities

Enroll now: https://forms.gle/EFns1JEU63pkU7fj6

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