Ms. May Wong

After graduated from social work study in The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Ms. Wong endeavoured to serve the people from grass roots level in the society. In 2004, Ms. Wong joined Hans Andersen Club as the Executive Director. She helped the establishment of the Storyland, which was an ideal place for storytelling and reading. HAC has been actively training parents in kindergarten, primary schools on storytelling, hoping that knowledge can change the lives of children.

Ms. Wong joined the working group of "Joint Committee on Information Technology for the Social Welfare Sector” (JCIT) of Social Welfare Department in 2012-13. In February 2013, The Hong Kong Government appointed Ms. Wong as a member to the Advisory Committee of the Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged for a term of two years. She was also one of the judges in "Prime Award for Corporate Social Responsibility” organized by Capital CEO Magazine in 2012.