Dear supporters of HAC,

On behalf of the HAC, I would like to thank you all for your continued support and partnership. This year did not come without challenges, but we have many accomplishments to be proud of:

(1) Building up Service Targets

It is our mission to enable children to have a happy development and a sense of paying back to society. In response to the aging population both globally and locally, children could express their empathy and concern towards elderly people. With the unfailing support from Societe Generale, "Story Tea House” projects were launched in Wong Tai Sin to train over 100 children in dim sum cooking, community mapping and creative writing skills. Gearing them up with such skills, children can in return support the local elderly with solid action. Achieving inter-generational cohesion by the same token, those storytelling grandpas and grandmas, trained through the "Story Wonderland”, have also helped spreading the joy of storytelling in different communities and schools.


Children made dim sum to serve the elderly people in the community.

(2) Innovative Storytelling - Promoting Child Literacy and Storytelling Services

Scaling up in its third year of implementation, the "Read to Change” project had reached out to 200 students in eight primary schools. This project was currently supported by the Dr. Richard Charles and Esther Yewpick Lee Charitable Foundation together with the stringent and scientific study from Dr. Fung Lai Chi, Associate Professor, Department of Applied Social Science of the City University of Hong Kong, the phrasal result was so tangible that our team had given a presentation at the HKCSS Convention 2017 cum 70th Anniversary last November.

(3) Building Resources – Crystallisation of Social Capital

To fix the social rifts, we proactively solicited a wide variety of collaborations. Two proud examples included the "Shining Stars Project” which was sponsored by the Clearwater Bay Country and Golf Club and "The ABCs of Laws” by Deacons. In November, the "Lamma Treasure Hunt Day” mobilised volunteers across different sectors. Over 600 parents and children experienced the unique touch of people and local shops of Lamma Island in the event. The generous support we received throughout the year has made us feel very blessed. Diana Boyd Wilson Centre, located in Wong Tai Sin, is currently a recipient from the Lump Sum Grant (LSG) subvention from the Social Welfare Department. As at 31 March 2018, the LSG reserve is HK$698,945.76 and this amount is designated for future service developments. Also, HK$255,029.09 is reserved for the staff's MPF contribution.

600 people participated in "Lamma Treasure Hunt”

Here are some highlights:

  • Knowledge volunteers have contributed 2,952 hours.
  • Corporate sponsors and foundations have donated over $1,123,500 which were fully utilised for children development programmes and pertinent administrative costs.
  • Donation-in-kind such as daily necessities, stationeries, children books and cultural performance tickets at an estimated value of $576,100.
  • Other volunteers whom contributed 15,296 hours.
  • With our nomination, 30 corporate partners were successfully awarded the logo of "Caring Companies”.
  • Our children, youth and parent members made visits to over 500 elderly people.

HAC works closely with 30 caring partners to serve children.

(4) Building HAC Capacity

Over the past year, two staff training programmes were conducted to uplift our team skills and knowledge:

  • Understanding Police Rights and Related Ordinances – to equip knowledge and skills of crisis management cases that involves the Police.
  • Telling the HAC Brand Story – to build HAC image and branding together.

Also staff were supported for outside courses with 322 hours recorded. To develop innovation, an agency retreat was carried out in May for both staff and board members to review present services. In order to enhance the existing staff-friendly policy, a 5-day work week, emergency leave and short-term job rotation were implemented.

Staff training

Over the past 12 months, there were 106,297 attendances served in 9,626 sessions. 104 occasions of media coverage recorded:

  • 5 television and radio programmes
  • 35 Yellow bus channel, recommended by key opinion leaders and famous bloggers on popular social media
  • 64 in major newspapers and magazines

HAC staff interviewed by Radio

(5) Enriching Supportive Networks

Without the tireless effort from staff and the Executive Committee, HAC could not achieve the above-mentioned work. The unfailing generosity from our long-term partners also deserves our greatest gratitude. They are:

  • Social Welfare Department
  • The Community Chest of Hong Kong
  • The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust
  • Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Lastly, a special thanks to Ms. Carrie Lam who generously donated $1 million from the surplus of her running candidacy of CE in April! With all your support, we will keep our passion and mission going forward to nurture the new generation of creativity and problem-solving skills. Thank you once again for your friendship and support, we hope to continue to grow throughout 2018!

May Wong
Executive Director
March 2018

Thank you for your continuous support!

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