The Story of HAC…

In 1963, a group of expatriates began serving the underprivileged children and new migrant families in the Diamond Hill district of Kowloon. Hans Andersen Club was named after the renowned Danish story writer Hans Christian Andersen to symbolize the Club’s concerns for and focus on the well being of children and the youth, regardless of their races, nationalities and religions.


We take families as our servicing target. As a harmonious parent-child relationship can be established through storytelling and creative games, Hans Andersen Club purports to provide adequate training as well as readily accessible resources and trainings on storytelling and on devising creative games, and to serve the grass-root and under-privileged families and their children in Hong Kong. Our goal is to enable children enjoy holistic development and adapt to intellectual based society.


Cherish our Children, Cultivate our Community

Professor Charles Kao Honorable

The Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics 2009, Professor Charles Kao, is an Honourary Sponsor of HAC. Professor Kao is a distinguished scholar and educationist, and has been widely consulted on governmental policies. As an internationally renowned Physician, Professor Kao is widely reputed as the "Father of Fibre Optics”. Professor Kao also has a distinguished record of achievements in his research. His dedication towards the welfare and well-being of children, and the construction of a caring society is highly respected. He has been very active in supporting HAC’s activities and development.

# HAC is a charitable organisation registered as "Han Andersen Club Limited"

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